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David S. Chang

Entrepreneurship + Leadership Blog

Through my unique experiences in different industries and fields, I learned one important thing about “Thinking SMART.” It can be developed. And anyone can do it. While some may have aptitude for it, truly successful people and leaders are made.

David S. Chang


David S. Chang is an award-winning entrepreneur, wealth manager, keynote speaker, and consultant. He is the CEO and Chairman of Chang Holding Company, a holding company for separate sub-companies across numerous sectors.

A naturally curious person who has always wanted to know just what it takes to succeed, David has explored many avenues in business, politics, and the military over the years. Along the way, he learned from plenty of top-notch mentors and began to cultivate his own SMART approach to money, leadership, and life — resulting in success across the board!


Became the youngest state chairman of a major political party (Hawaii GOP) at the time of election, and the first Korean-American


Started his own wealth management firm and numerous other companies, weathering the Great Recession and finding success


Assigned to different leadership positions worldwide; veteran of the Global War on Terror and Operation Iraqi Freedom


He has been recognized by Forbes, InvestmentNews, Pacific Business News, and more for his leadership in business.


David is a proud alumnus of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program and was selected as the best opportunity growth pitch in the cohort.


David S. Chang graduated from West Point in 2002. He spent time in graduate and military schools, assigned to different leadership positions worldwide, and also deployed overseas in different combat zones. Once he left the active duty army and joined the Hawaii Army National Guard, he balanced his military service with numerous entrepreneurial ventures.

David started his own wealth management firm, a real estate development company, green energy company, bottled water company, and an import/export company in addition to some others under the umbrella Chang Holding Company. Just one year after starting his business, David S. Chang was named as business leader of the year, among receiving several other awards. These businesses continue to thrive to this day.

He also got involved into politics, becoming the youngest state chairman of a major political party at the time and the first Korean-American. He was also involved in leadership positions for multiple organizations, nonprofits, and ministries.

David writes frequently for newspapers, magazines, and other publications internationally and nationally, and is currently working on his own tell-all book about financial success. He has received numerous awards and accolades for his business savvy.

In 2015 David S. Chang was chosen as a member of InvestmentNews’ 2015 40 Under 40 list of top young advisers and associated professionals in the financial planning industry. He has also been featured in Forbes as one of America’s Select Financial Leaders. In 2013 David was selected as 40 Under 40 Military by, 2011 Pacific Edge Young Professional of the Year, 2010 Business Leader of the Year from the Pacific Business News Forty Under 40 and 2011 finalist for The Business Leadership American Savings Bank Business Leader of the Year.

This blog will focus on insights in entrepreneurship and leadership, delivered by someone who has experienced it all firsthand.