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As time goes on and technology becomes more ubiquitous and immersive, it should come as no surprise that more companies are embracing flexible working policies. The best example of this trend is the rise of working from home, which has been made possible by the increase in cloud-based office programs and collaborative platforms like Google Drive.

Although approximately 74 percent of workers claim they would quit their jobs for a position that would enable them to work from home, this option comes with its own challenges. For instance, finding the motivation to be consistently productive is often easier in a traditional office setting, as one is surrounded by their peers and superiors, thus putting the pressure of accountability on their shoulders.

At home, however, one’s motivation is directly tied to their personal work ethic. Therefore, they could either find themselves producing the same caliber of work, or struggling to get through a single task due to the distractions posed by working from one’s personal computer.

With these facts in mind, let us take the time to explore how one can effectively boost their productivity while working from home.

Work in uninterrupted blocks

One of the best ways to hunker down and genuinely focus is to avoid or eliminate your typical distractions. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to turn off your smartphone, turn on some white background noise to drown out noisy neighbors, music, traffic, or other attention-grabbing sounds, and set a timer for an hour or so and get to working on your biggest task.

Once that timer runs out, allow yourself a ten- to fifteen-minute break, during which you can check your notifications, interact on social media, and so on. Then, be sure to repeat the process until you have achieved as much as you would have on any given day in the office.

Hold yourself accountable

Whether you map out your day by hour or send your direct superior a detailed outline of all you intend to accomplish during the day, it is imperative you maintain a high level of accountability. After all, your work from home day is not to be treated as a day off. Therefore, you must ensure you begin your day with the right attitude and mindset, rather than remaining open to distractions and subsequently falling behind on deadlines.

Working from home may be considered a luxury, but such a privilege should be treated as such. Staying motivated and continually proving your strong work ethic are integral to successfully accomplishing a day’s tasks from home.