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We recently started discussing personality types and the importance of understanding the various types in the workplace. Understanding how you best work and the jobs and roles you’re best suited for will go a long way in making work enjoyable for you. It can also greatly assist your managers and coworkers determine how to best work with you. Read on for an overview of the next personality we’re discussing, ISFJs.

ISFJ = Introverted Sensing Feeling Judging


ISFJ’s, no matter their position, are dedicated and service-oriented. They take the time to listen to customers and co-workers and find the best way to resolve any issues. They have no problem directly helping a customer, helping a co-worker finish a project or helping teams stay productive and organized. Humble beings, ISFJs rarely seek out managerial positions or brag about their achievements, though they often have many.

Working with an ISFJ:

Those with this personality type strive for a comfortable work environment, one in which contains a spirit of friends helping friends. They enjoy working in a supportive team environment and as a natural networker, use this skill to keep everything running smoothly. On the other hand, their dislike of conflict and willingness to help others makes them prone to being taken advantage of by colleagues that ask for help when they don’t feel like working. This can result in an ISFJ having too much on their plate and becoming stressed.

Managing an ISFJ:

While ISFJs may resist change that compromises their principles, such as a policy change that affects customer care, they accept change if they feel it is for the right reasons. Otherwise, they take the change personally. ISFJs, though, are loyal and will often follow their favorite manager to new positions and locations. As humble individuals, the only recognition they strive for is knowing the person they helped is appreciative.  

ISFJ as manager:

ISFJs do not strive for management positions, and while they don’t necessarily always enjoy managing others, they easily take the reigns as a manager. This personality type does not aim to dictate their team, but would rather work alongside them, helping to address any issues that arise and keeping everyone organized. They are great listeners, and are often warm and approachable, allowing them to create personal relationships with their team members.