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Most people are familiar now with Myers-Briggs personality typing, but not everyone fully understands its importance in the workplace. The truth is, your personality type will go a long way towards understanding how you work best, the kinds of jobs or roles that are best for you and can even help managers and coworkers determine how best to work with or manage certain people. Here is an overview of ISTJ’s in the workplace.

ISTJ = Introverted Sensing Thinking Judging


ISTJ’s are dependable, methodical and meticulous. They make excellent accountants because they will ensure every penny is accounted for. If someone else makes an error, they will spend hours going line by line until they find it. They also make great architects, engineers or systems analysts. ISTJ’s are great analysts all around since no detail slips past them. Whatever job they hold, you can trust that everything will be done methodically and by-the-book.

Working with an ISTJ:

ISTJ’s are far more comfortable in work settings than social settings. “Cutting loose” or “letting it all hang out” is not something that comes naturally to ISTJ’s. ISTJ’s will often not be invited by colleagues to social events because ISTJ’s can come off a bit stand-offish. Conversely, however, ISTJ’s recognize the importance of making an effort, so it’s worth making the initial move to invite them to social events. ISTJ’s will go the extra mile to sing karaoke or learn to line dance just because it makes the people around them happy.

Managing an ISTJ:

ISTJ’s can cause friction in the office place when they feel colleagues aren’t following the rules or conforming to established procedure. While they will rarely, if ever, be directly insubordinate, they will often harbor a secret disdain for managers or supervisors that don’t maintain order and discipline. Inefficiency and chaos also cause ISTJ’s a great deal of distress. When things run smoothly, orderly and efficiently, ISTJ’s make excellent employees.

ISTJ as manager:

When ISTJ’s run things, you can expect they will run smoothly and efficiently. There may not be a great deal of office hijinx, but teams led by ISTJ’s will generally be high performers with very little trauma and drama. While they may not be particularly emotional themselves, they are usually quite adept at dealing with sensitive people, perhaps because they can remain unemotional themselves.