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I recently began discussing the four main social styles, starting with the Analytical social style. Split into two groups, the four social styles fall under either assertiveness or responsiveness. Each individual falls on a spectrum of more assertive or less assertive, as well as more reactive or less reactive. The combination of each of these traits places individuals into one of the four social styles.

The Driver Social Style

There are four social styles: Analytical, Driver, Amiable, and Expressive. Today we will be diving into the Driver Social Style.

People that have the Driver Social Style are those that scored more assertive and less responsive than other social styles. They are not usually worried about how others will react, which results in them being more candid and independent. They are less concerned with people in general, and are more action- and goal-oriented. They are focused on seeing results and want to see them quickly.

Drivers will often communicate using facts and data and will rarely spend time on small talk and personal discussions, which can often lead others to perceive them as harsh or dominating. Due to this, they are not usually the type to collaborate well with others and can easily upset their colleagues with what could be considered indelicate actions and words. They also tend to act and speak very quickly (just like how they want to see results!) and make direct eye contact with whomever they are speaking or listening to.

While they speak and act quick, Drivers always have a plan – a well-thought-out one at that. They are decisive creatures and detest inefficiency and indecisiveness. This can result in them being impatient and insensitive, and even become overly critical in times of stress.

Individuals with the Driver Social Style are very comfortable being in control; in fact, they prefer it. They fit easily into positions of power, and their offices and workspace are very businesslike. They will most likely have their space covered in certificates and awards. Drivers are also very competitive in nature and will strive to win. Due to this, they can reach the point where they become almost tyrannical.